Automate image optimization

Deliver compressed images in the right format on the same URLs without compromising the visual quality.

Automatic format conversion

WebP and animated Webp supportDeliver images in WebP format on supported devices without changing image URLs.
Optimal Format SelectionImageKit evaluates multiple formats to pick the smallest file based on the image content & device.
Explicit format conversionControl the output format manually by adding the corresponding parameter.
Explicit format conversion,dpr-2,fo-left,f-png

Compress images on-the-fly

Compression level controlsSet the default compression levels in the dashboard.
Override quality settingsChange image quality using URL-parameters.
Lossless modeSelectively apply lossless compression on WebP and PNG images using URL-parameters.
Data-saver supportEnable data-saver mode to respect the user's preference to receive less data.
Override quality settings example,dpr-2,q-30
Lossless mode example,dpr-2,lo-true

Image metadata management

Default metadata handling controlsControl the default metadata stripping behavior from the dashboard.
Override default settingsSelectively preserve color profile or full metadata using URL parameters.
Automatic rotation based on EXIF dataLet ImageKit rotate images based on camera orientation and strip the rest of the metadata.
Override default settings example,dpr-2,md-true